About The Bible

About The Bible

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The Bible is the story of God’s revelation of Himself to man. It is not primarily a book of history, but its stories of God’s dealings with individuals and with nations are as pertinent to the modern world as they have been to every age since they were written.

It is not primarily a book of science, but it is not at variance with any proven scientific fact. Some of its statements show a knowledge of the world of science which the writer could not have had apart from Divine revelation.

It is not primarily a book of philosophy. Nowhere does it argue for the existence of God. Yet the God it reveals has been known in a personal way by many of the greatest minds who have ever lived as well as by many millions of ordinary people. It speaks to every man from the simplest to the most sophisticated at his own level of understanding.

Throughout the Old Testament the theme of the Redemption of Man kind is developed and God unfolds His Covenant with men and nations. In the New Testament all that has been foreshadowed in the Old Testament comes to vibrant and startling reality.

God Himself comes to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. He is rejected and crucified, but rises from the dead in triumph. He sends His disciples out in the power of the Holy Spirit to carry His message of Love and Forgiveness to the four corners of the earth.

The great vision of the book of Revelation, with which the Bible ends, reinforces the warnings of the whole Book regarding the consequences of rejecting God’s Light and Love, and in poetic terms describes the future of the Redeemed in heaven.